Saturday, September 2

Welcome to My Home on the Web

Please relax and take your time as you peruse my blogs linked in the tabs above (to ease in navigation) and below (to get you started). You will also find an About Me page and, eventually, writing samples.

"The Queen of Clocks and Other Steampunk Tales" now available in ebook and paperback!

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Cinema Guano - This is a new film podcast started by my husband that I co-host along with a rotating selection of guest hosts. We discuss B movies, art films, and other movies that are not main stream and always a little crazy. Follow the blog and look for us on your favorite podcast source.

Life from Ann Arbor - Learn about life in Michigan! Includes festivals, conventions, museums, outdoor and indoor adventures, music and book reviews, and a view into my life.

Adventures in Food & Word - I love food. Making food, eating food, writing about food, and sharing great recipes and fun restaurants. I love it so much, I get paid to write about local restaurants for the Crazy Wisdom Community Journal! This blog is where I got started. Expect recipes with a lot of substitutions and alterations, restaurant reviews that aren't in the Journal, and poems about food.

Haiku A Day - If you like short, bite-sized poetry, try these haiku on for size. In 2012, I challenged myself to write one haiku for every day of the year. I made a point to use seasonal words as in traditional haiku and the spirit of the moment.